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SpecMaker is a small program, based on an Excel spreadsheet, designed to create spectra with Gaussian peaks in it at known positions and with known areas so that the performance of one's spectrum analysis program can be gauged.

The program starts by creating a continuum by specifying the continuum level at the start and the end of the spectrum as specified in a text file. The program then makes a log-linear interpolation across the spectrum. As an alternative, an actual background spectrum can be loaded insted of the mathematically generated continuum. The progam then imposes statistically distributed scatter across the whole spectrum, the width of the scatter depending upon the channel count. Finally, the spectrum data is output to the required filename in the ORTEC CHN spectrum format. Numerical tests have established that, at least for all normal purposes, the scatter imposed by SpecMakeris statistically reasonable.

The originator of SpecMaker has now retired and is not in a position to support the program. The link below will allow you to download files containing all relevant information. The originator will accept no responsibility for untoward consequences of decisions made based on the use of SpecMaker.

SpecMaker Spreadsheet
SpecMaker Manual
Spreadsheet for assessing SpecMaker results

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